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About Me:


Were you ever out of shape or were you always fit?

I have been exercising my whole life. I continued even during my two pregnancies. And yes I did gain weight 40lb. with both of my children. There was a point when they were babies that i could only get to the gym once a week, so all the more reason why I go to peoples homes now. This enables me to teach my clients how to exercise with minimal space and equipment.


What motivates you?

Feeling great after a good workout. I was never a great athlete but I learned how to exercise to make my body feel better and stronger and I have fun while I am doing so.


How do you motivate others?

I have a lot of positive energy and I try to make people realize that you can have fun and enjoy working out.


What has been your proudest moment with a client?

I have a young teenage client with limited mobility due to left sided spasticity . Working with a wonderful loving young girl and watching her exercise towards a better quality of life and achieving her fitness goals.

Seeing her smiling face and accomplishments each week is my greatest reward, that is why I chose this profession.


Your most frustrating?

Absolutely NONE!!! I truly love every one of my clients. This is the greatest job. Making people feel better about themselves, who could ask for more.


What is your top tip for a healthy life?

Try to eat as healthy as possible without denying yourself small amounts of (guilty pleasures).Exercise keep your body moving, find something you enjoy doing and keep with it.

If you could only do one workout for the rest of your life, what would it be?

 Strength and endurance training. I work out 5 days a week. I train myself to be strong and fit by moving the body as it was meant to move, so the daily tasks of life like  reaching, bending, lifting, sitting or climbing stairs are not a struggle. These are the things that are important for a better quality of life. The stronger you are the more you are able to do.



I have always had a great passion for helping people, whether it was volunteering my time or just lending a helping hand. I have been a full time mom for the past 17 years and worked in our family restaurant on the weekend for 30 years so I am a great people person. I have been exercising & strength training almost everyday for 30 years. I am always learning & trying new challenges. I decided to put my knowledge, skills and the need to help people to good use and obtain my certification to become a personal trainer. I enjoy what I do and I try to make my clients enjoy their workout because being fit is not just how you look its how it makes you feel.


Best workout advice:

Work hard, Stay focused & have fun. Keep an open mind, challenge yourself and always try something new.


Your Inspiration:

Anyone who has overcome lifes challenges and learned to be a better, stronger person.  We have a chosen path in life , we can earn knowledge and wisdom throughout our journey.

How you stay Healthy:

Exercise regularly, Eat healthy and try to smile, laugh and do something fun everyday.


Professional Goals/Mission:

 My goal as a personal trainer is to help people achieve their goals to live a healthier lifestyle. To teach clients that exercise can be rewarding and fun.

Rewards of the job: Making people feel GREAT!!!


Bonnie Pistone




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